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Ways I can work with you & your team

Sales & Marketing
Career Mentorship
Corporate Trainings
Ways I can work with you

Personal Branding

A lot of people assume that personal branding is only for the rich. They assume it’s about just being famous. 


No it isn’t. It’s for everyone. It’s for you and me. 

It’s about building that trust around yourself. 

It’s about building that confidence around yourself


Your personal brand is how you promote yourself. What image do you project, what story do you create courtesy your attitude, conduct, behaviour, skills and achievements


Reach out to help you build a personal brand for yourself

One on One Consultation Sessions

I can help you with

LinkedIn Personal Branding

Live Sessions & Online Courses

Social Media Account Management for Senior Leaders

Personal Branding

Sales & Marketing

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In the times of the customer, our efforts and communication needs to move from our products and our services to the customers needs & requirements.

It’s about having the right message.

It’s about having the right team efficiency.

It’s about creating a customer experience than generating just business.

I can help you with

Setting up of a marketing & sales team

Building a framework & review system

Zero Budget marketing

Exponential growth & expansion

Sales & Marketing
Career Mentorship

Career Mentorship

Building your career is about developing important skills to achieve your personal and professional goals


Having a career mentor can not only help you in identifying & working on your strengths & weaknesses, but can also present a mirror to you, helping you make tough decisions. 


He/she also works with you to create a path for your career which helps you achieve your goals & targets.

Building a career strategy

I can help you with


Making & leveraging a network

Looking for a job

Interview preparation

Corporate Trainings

Corporate Trainings

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If there is one thing which can transform an organisation it is the people. And that is the secret of some of the world's most successful companies.

As is rightly said " An organisation's ability to Learn & translate that learning into Action rapidly is the ultimate Competitive Advantage"

  • Employee Capability Building & Productivity

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Personal Branding

I can help you with

Half day & Full day Training Sessions

Creation of Customised Training Modules

Special Training Assignments & Projects

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